Mommy birthday
by Lily Bailey
Coco, today is mommy's birthday but it never the same without you.This morning mommy take shower and like usual, leave the door a bit open, hoping you will peep and get in. but you never peep and get in. Heart breaking. nite time mommy try to hear your tiptoes oin the floor but you never came. Coco, mommy want to apologize for maybe not understanding your feeling when your Babap gone. You must had e very heart ached waiting for your Babap who never came back. no, he not leaving you, he has to go because God called on him. so sorry, mommy maybe not understand how hurt your heart during that time. Same like mommy feels now.Well, one thing make a bit ease, you go by natural. mommy don't need to put down, ages make your body weak and cant stay longer. Mommy release you, so you don't need to feel pain teach mommy a lot of things, NEVER GIVE UP and BE PATIENT..that's mommy learn from you. Is it a good thing?.Mommy maybe still have heart ache but mommy know you will be guardian angel now, watching and take care of mommy from above while you run free and play with your BAbap.Be happy and one day we all will be together. always love you, Mommy
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