Mr. Abel's Story
by Leslie and Marty Minervini
It was September 2nd of 2016 and I was online. Suddenly I was thinking of how we had talked of bringing a new Bunny home sometime as it had been 10 years since our Bonny girl had passed.
Something made me go on Shelters websites. I went on pope memorial spca in Hooksett. And there was the picture of Abel. I knew instantly he would be ours.
That evening we drove to the Shelter and went home with our Abel. He was a 6 month old Bunny Baby. He instantly bonded with us and sitting on the couch next to me on his 2nd day with us, Abel stood on his hind legs and put both his front legs on my shoulder. We knew he felt at home. The bond with Abel I can't put into words, we all knew we were meant to be a Family.
Abel had his cage, but also had free roam, he preferred our bedroom where all of his things were and were he slept with us.
Abel had many plush toys, but his best buddies were his 2 pairs of slippers. They were Bunny slippers and his buddies. He snuggled them, played with them and dragged them all over the house. When he wanted to play he would stomp several times to let us know, this was every day.
He pouted during his Vet visits,
and after we were home he knew we would give him his little piece of fresh Apple. Our little boy had several health problems over the years but as we were so diligent he came through them and prevailed.
Our little boy made it to 8 years
and this Morning he went to the Rainbow bridge.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you our darling Boy.
We are heartbroken you are gone but proud you got to grow to be a Senior Bunny boy!
You are embedded forever in our hearts and we know it was God who made me look at the spca website that Day 8 years ago. We were meant to be with you and you were meant to be with us. Our Darling boy, we miss you so so much .
Play with your slippers at the Bridge. Send us a sign when you can. Mommy and Daddy will see you at the Bridge again.
Until then rest in peace and know we miss you and think of you every single day until we're together again.
Love and Kisses and Hugs from your loving Mommy and Daddy.

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