Still here
by Lena Lee
I remember that day very well, it was 3am Saturday, U were in the hallway of our bedroom, I said "Tai come on so U can get on the bed, I turned and noticed that ur hind legs were dragging..I couldn't wait until the Vet opened..I rushed U to the vet and they said it could B inflammation- U had meds but nothing seems to work..I watched U unable 2 sleep and the pain was unbearable..U looked at me and scream OUCH!Jan.21 2016.. I held U after My sister and mom changed ur diaper and bathed U..I new in my heart that it was time 2 say GOODBYE. I held U so close to my heart and told U it was ok 2 GO..I no U were tired and in so much pain. The vet gave U volume then the final shot..I asked if U took ur last breathe and he said yes he's gone he has no more pain and he's crossed over..A week later I picked up ur Urn and ashes..I broke down in tears..2day and always I will carry U in my heart..GONEBUTSTILLHERE-TAI LEE 5-7-02 1-21-16
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