by Lauren Gray.........................................

It's so heartbreaking mourning a lost loved one alone
You feel torn inside, shattered, crushed to the bone
Can people not see the heartbroken despair?
Or do they really not even care?
Don't they know how special and cherished she'd been?
The strength she gave me, the love felt from within?
To lose such a treasure left me feeling adrift
She was my anchor, my heart, an irreplaceable gift
Even though my heart is no longer there
I'd like others to remember her gifts were quite rare
She gave love and laughter; offered comfort and joy
There was amusement, fond pleasure, even when she'd annoy
How such a spirit others could forget?
This is a mystery that baffles me yet....
But maybe it's not really as it appears
Maybe others are simply hiding their tears
To share our feelings, our sadness and pain
For some people this can be hard to explain
My hope is that when each loved one's alone
They think of her, reminisce all on their own
Each memory is precious, should be valued with love
She's still a cherished gift given from God up above

In loving memory of Chili (December 2013)

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