Last Moments
by Lauren Gray.........................................
Long before your illness came
I felt a fear I couldn't explain
Of loss to something unforeseen
Some ailment that was not routine
Many pictures of you I took last year
Because of this unexplainable fear
But still no affliction seemed to take place
I saw nothing different, not even a trace
I should have heeded my inner voice
Perhaps when it happened, there'd have been a choice
Some treatment that might have offered some help
But there was nothing, I blame myself
All to be done was to watch you die
To offer comfort, to say goodbye
I did my best to be there for you
As each day passed, with all you went through
I tried to stay up our last night together
To share final moments, the bond we treasure
Holding you close, I stroked your soft hair
Thanking God for the time we were given to share
Each moment with you, burned into my mind
Our hearts and our souls, forever entwined
Dawn came too soon, we were forced to part
Loosing you, Sweet, has broken my heart

Dedicated to my best friend; my beloved dog, Chili. I Love You, Sweet (2013)

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