Good Bye Little One
by Laura
   In Memory of my beloved Rat Terrier, Little One.

 You were so tiny in that big steel cage, 
My heart went out to you as you were so afraid.

 I checked back often to see how you were,
Still no one came, but I thought they would for sure.

The third day I was there, ready to take you home,
I really didn't know if you would feel like you belong.

 I knew nothing about a Rat, 
You were my first, and I thought, the last.

But there was something that said to me,
That it was just meant to be.

You were released into my care, 
 Little did I know, with you I would share, a bond so strong, no one could compare.

You were so funny when you would shake your rope,
What a tough little Rat I am, you would gloat.

You were beside me when I was so sad,  
Always giving me a look as if to say "Hey, it's not so bad."

I took you everywhere, 
My constant companion, we would share.

You would steal my food before I knew where it was at,
 I would laugh and say "You darn little Rat".

 I loved you with all my heart, 
But little did I know, that soon we would part.

You were gasping for air, 
This was my worst nightmare.

 I made the emergency trip, 
The vet gave you many shots, without you so much as giving a nip.

 I took you home and gave you constant care, 
Losing you would be more than I could bare.

But your precious breath became more struggled,
I knew that you were in trouble.

I revived you twice,
Praying to God, he not take your life.

I was not ready to let you go, 
You were my everything, how could I take such a blow?

I could feel you slip away,
Along with my heart, which went with you that day.

I can still hear your tiny feet go pitter pat,
 I so love you, my Little One Rat.

You knew my thoughts before I did,
You were such an amazing little furkid.

 My tears flow freely, and my heart so aches,
Wishing you were here, I would do anything it takes.

It is so hard to continue on,
I really don't know how, my heart you had won.

 They say time will heal this pain,
But I will never be so blessed again,
 To have such a beloved furever friend.

 My heart will always long for the day that we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, my Little One.

I miss you so.
You will always be remembered in my heart, in my soul. 

May you rest in peace,

My Little One 🐾🐾          

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