My Soul Mate
by Kim Goodwin
My lil fur baby, from the first time I laid eyes on you I knew that you was my lil fur soul mate, we were destined to be together for a long time. I looked into those beautiful lil puppy eyes of yours and instantly fell in Love with you & from that day on Kody, our journey began. We had 11 wonderful yrs
together, you was so smart & very handsome,I'm going to miss you greeting me when I came home & how you & Ziggy (the cat) always played together and laying beside me when you were tired and wanted to fall asleep. I feel so lost & empty inside, I don't know how to handle all this pain, I'm so sorry I couldn't help you more, it was so painful holding you in my arms and watching you take your last breath, I prayed you knew just how much I Loved you & that one day I will be with you again, you've crossed the rainbow bridge my love, my best friend but you will always be in my heart with so much Love & one day we will be together cause you'll always be my fur baby soul mate! I Love you So Much Kody Nathaniel...
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