Jesus wept
by Ken Nicholas
Where am I? Jesus reached down and petted Zia the beautiful golden. You are on rainbow bridge, He said. He continued here is Titus he had the same family before you. Titus the big black lab barked hello. I miss my mommy and daddy, but look I can run and walk again. Titus misses them too. Jesus said you were their angel as Titus was before you. You showed the love I shower on you and all animals and humanity. You were my representative to them. Now you can rest and be young again. Don't worry you will see them again. Titus can not wait. I sure do miss them. But you love them too. Yes said Jesus like you I gave my life to them. Well, I feel so good but I miss them so. Jesus said yes I know but soon we will all have forever to be together. Zia sniffed Titus and put one paw on his beautiful black back. Titus went out romping in the meadow, like Zia at the end he couldn't walk either. Zia barked at Titus and ran after him. Goodbye Jesus and thank you for letting me and Titus wait for them with you.
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