Mission Impossible
by Katiesha Fox
Bravo is a thoroughbred horse, who came to me at the age of 6, he was an excellent race horse but was pulled off the track because he popped a blood vessel in his gullet area (chin). A lady took him who i became very good friends with, she went through some serious tough times and ended up giving me bravo so he was in safe hands, i fell in love with him and his attitude and brought him, he was mine forever, the more and more we grew the higher and higher we went up the grades in competitions, state was amazing we won dressage tests and racing was too much fun! It got to the point that my Mission Impossible (bravo) was my therapist, he was what made me whole. At age 9, 2017, bravo and i had a serious accident and i broke my shoulder falling off him and only a few days after he put something through his hoof area, after a good 12 months of rehab our bond was unbreakable, we did rehab together and lifted each others hopes when we were down. 2018 started to look up but bravo fell ill, he dropped weight and it didn't matter how much i fed him or what i fed him he wasn't doing well at all. Vet call after vet call, my bravo just wasn't himself, the wings that i had clipped on his hair had faded and so did his spirit, months went by and he was getting worse, on the 8th of April 2018, i went to pony club for the first time without my bravo, he had left at around 8:30, his ulcers in his stomach had burst and caused severe pain,i was with him for several hours he nearly falling on top of me because he couldn't hold himself any longer, he was put to sleep, as his soul left his body so did mine leave my body. 3 months have passed now and i haven't forgotten my boy, i wear his very unique brand upon my wrist because somebody has to wear that eye-catching brand (5EX). My mother lost her horse years ago to cancer and so i hope that bravo and mouse are running a muck like i imagine. My dear bravo, you taught me so so much but you forgot to teach me how to go on without you. You will never be replaced or forgotten. I LOVE YOU MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!
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