The lost ones
by Kathleen Drude
You walk in and the first thing you notice is all the noise! Then the smell hits you, it looks like a jail! On both sides there are bars and cages! The floor and the walls are concrete and painted industrial green and white! As you walk towards the back area, there are little ones, medium and big ones! Some are jumping around and barking saying look at me! Others are sitting very sedately just looking at you! Then you have the ones who are curled into tiny balls trembling! I get to the back take my jacket off and put on my lab coat! They bring me the first one! Thru no fault of your own sweet baby your time here is at an end! I have my syringes all set and my bottles of euthanasia! As I draw up the drug I look into the eyes of this wonderful kid! I whisper I'm sorry no one came for you! I gently insert the needle into the vein and depress the plunger! Run free now baby you have no more pain and sadness! You run and play with sun on you! Always plenty of food and cool clear water to drink! Run baby play! Thru no fault of your own you had to leave this place! I say this to each furry kid as I do what must be done! I'm a veterinarian you see and I must send each of these kids to the rainbow bridge because a home never came to pass for the lost ones!
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