Jake's Spirit
by Kate
11/12: Jake has been gone for a week now. Today he let me know he's doing ok. I came downstairs and sat down to put on my sneakers; stuck inside one of the laces was several long pieces of his fur. They hadn't been there before and couldn't just have stuck to the lace as they were tucked inside. I cried for some time then got up and went into the kitchen. The door leading to the hall (which was partly open) suddenly swung back and forth as it used to do when he would push it with his head to come inside. It's a solid door and has never done that. Could be just my wishful thinking but I do believe it was Jake telling me that he's ok. My boyfriend told me that he woke up at 1:30 this morning and heard him scratching. I feel a little better now. I know he's with his sister Bit dog sniffing around and waiting until we get there to see them again. : )
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