Little lulabell
by Kat Todisco
I am a cat mom of 2 cats now who came off the streets it was quite by accident that this happened I was out at a restaurant eating I left the restaurant went down to get into my car,I saw a feral colony cats behind the dumpster.I was with my mother in law at the time who was not only a cat lover like me but animal lover and had helped many homeless animals we over the years.I gave my leftover food to them.I then took over the colony and would feed them in the morning and at night 15 years I gave them shelter by using cardboard boxes blankets I would put tarp over these boxes when it snowed in the winter time I put hay in the boxes for their warmth and food for their shelter from the cold I was criticised by
family and friends thinking I was crazy but in my heart I know I did the right thing now I want to tell you the story about Emily aka Lula bell.I just lost Emily 5 days before Christmas December 2015 she was 18 years old I rescued her at the sam colony 18 years ago. I went there one day to feed the other cats there was kittens that somebody had thrown inside of a grease pit that looked like Crisco.I could not save all of them as they were already deceased Emily was on top and she was still alive I took her out and brought her to my veterinarian the veterinarian combed the Crisco out of her hair for she was very thin and frail but they saved her
as you can see it was very hard for me to give her up to st. Francis I know that she would be well again now let's get to the funny part about Emily the reason why her nick name was Lula bell is because she was a lulu.she didn't like the other cats was very independent but always had to make a special little box for her to sleep in because she didn't want to associate with the other animals so one day I called her a Lulu hence that's she got her nickname she was very attached to my husband he always loved her but he held her in his arms she love to be held in his arms she got her her fresh air at the same time walking her around the yard in hus arms.she gave me many years funny stories .I am a widower my husband passed away in 2009 most recently when I lost Emily few days before that I was going through my closet just cleaning it out and I found a bunch of pictures I came upon a picture husband holding her in his arms standing outside in our driveway I knew when I lost her that he was waiting for and he is holding in his arms again I'm very sure that when she pass she crossed the Rainbow Bridge right into his arms I have a million other stories of rescues that I did for these feral cats I'll drop by soon and tell you more stories god bless all the people helping animals in distress I know I was one of I'm getting on closer retiring but if I had the money and the strength I would do it all over again and I don't care what people say about me but let it be known if there is ever an animal on the street i would run to the store with my last dollar and buy them a can of food.

God bless,
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