Never said goodbye
by Kamryn
Jaci my whippet was very sick, knew she didn't have to long before she would pass, but it got worse really quickly I hugged her everyday but I got sick too. I felt horrible, the worst part was I couldn't stay awake long before I fell asleep again. So my wonderful whippet Jaci slept next to me the entire time. We where bestfriends she was my dog we bonded. But then Jaci had started to loose the ability to walk, we carried her up and down the stairs whenever she needed to be asleep. My mom kept asking if I wanted to send her to the vet to be checked on, but I knew better I had to let my mother take jaci. I was heartbroken I had horrible thoughts. But if I was to never see my dog again I wanted her to go happy not in pain. We painted her nails pink (jaci's favorite color) and gave Jaci favorite pink blanket, then we put her in my parents car. I tried to work up the confidence to say goodbye but I couldn't say it she was supposed to come home, they wouldn't let me go I had to sit at home alone with the thought that I would never see my baby ever again, I cried myself to sleep. Six hours later my parents had come home crying. I knew I knew.... I cried for hours until I couldn't crie anymore. I lost my baby and the worst part was I never said goodbye.
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