My beautiful Judah
by Kalliope Papineau
Memories of Judah Papineau

My Love you were born under our bed, you came first followed by your 4 sisters. You never had to be trained or scolded or put on a leash to walk next to us. All words were understood when we looked at each other. When we had no money to pay for heat you kept us warm. When we were sad you made us laugh uncontrollably. You opened the storm doors with your paws, you climbed on top of our roof to the highest peak to watch us. Before you were a year old you brought me a baby bird and a frog both unharmed. You learned to sing and your danced with us. You wagged your tail when mommy sang to you and whispered in your ear. Judah you helped mommy dig trenches around the house last spring when our home was flooded by rain. How can I dig without your beautiful big strong paws? How do I work without your companionship? How do I spend nights in my vehicle without your protection? How do we sleep without your warmth? How do I smile without being able to look into your eyes? Mommy and Daddy will always hold you in our hearts until eternity there is no end. We pray you are the Angel of Angels and the Hero of Heros as you have been for us and for all that knew you. My Love My Beautiful Judah

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