by K Roberts
Baby girl, how unfathomably lucky were we to walk in to the ASPCA all those years ago and find you there. Finding you and taking you home was one of the most joyful - and easy - decisions of my life. At first I wrote that we "picked" you, but, no, we all found each other that day. What a beautiful reunion. As if we had known each other before.
You were beautiful as a puppy, but you somehow became more beautiful to us as you aged. I don't know how you did it, my love, but it is true. Perhaps it is because your soul beamed through you and your intelligence and curiosity deepened with age and experience. You covered us with your love and taught us how to be parents, to love and nurture another being. In your final month of life, after 12 years dreading this very scenario, you helped us through it. Your love for us and your presence kept us anchored and helped us cherish the time we had together.
I know you did not belong to us, and I am eternally grateful to the Creator for honoring us with the responsibility of being your family, but I am aching for you, angel. And I know you would not want that; if we know anything for sure, it is that you wanted us to be happy. I promise you that I will honor your wishes. I just need time to mourn you, baby girl.
To the Creator: my gratitude extends beyond words. It would be a dishonor to her to let myself descend into despair forever. I feel her love around me, covering me, as I write this. And, yes, I would give many things to see her smiling face, experience her sassiness and to play with her again. But today I can connect to the power of her love and this is carrying me through.
I believe we will meet again. Maybe this time I will be your dog and you will be my human. Maybe I will see you again in the eyes of another dog, or hear your even breathing when I put my arms around a horse. You're everywhere, my love.
I am sharing this remembrance of you here, with other souls who have loved and lost their babies because I am honored to be amongst kindred spirits. I know they feel my pain and I feel theirs. I also feel the magnitude of their love and can touch the joy they experienced, just as I have. Thank you, my beautiful girl. Until we meet again. Thank you, Creator. I bow to you.
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