Meatball My Prince Pussycat
by Julie
My baby boy Meatball you came into my life after being displaced/homeless from Hurtican Sandy my apt was renovated but what was missing was a cat after losing my cat Fred 2 days before moving back home I knew I wanted another cat in March 2013 you were sharing our apt
I soon discovered you had a quirky habit you loved water!
Cats don't like water but you did your paw had to stay in your water bowl when you drank n from drink cups too I bought you your own Superman drink cup n holidays cups Bath time for me was a treat for you watching the water run filling the tub I surely thought you may jump in but never did
You were sweet affectionate n loved giving headbutts The past 3 years in a different apt has been awful n I was lucky to have you by my side This June 2023 I got sad news you had mouth cancer if I had it my way I wish it was me that had cancer not you to see you suffer not eat or especially drink your water devastated me
On July 3 2023 I have you back to God it broke my heart Love never dies I'm praying soon I will find a happier peaceful place to live may your presence always be with me Enjoy heaven make room for mom I will see n be with you again one day until then may Tony who has my other cats God n Angel Raphael keep you close under their wings I love you eternally Your mom. Julie
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