Meatball My Prince Pussycat
by Julie Cirillo
My Dearest boy Meatball
10 years ago you came into my life after me being displacef/homeless from hurricane Sandy
My apartment restored and after losing my cat Fred 2 days before I moved back in I was devastated but knew I wanted another cat
After searching shelters calling vets to see if there were available kittens or cats
I reached out to Csilla who I got Fred from and you were there good timing
You were my 3rd Tuxedo Cat as I have come to become fond of them
You were handsome loving yet quirky n unlike most cats you loved water
Your paw needed to stay in your water bowl when you drank
I soon bought you your own Superman drink cup and holiday cups as you were quite the water lover I also discovered when running bath water you were brave n almost jumped in a few times
Super affectionate a big headbutting kitty n high to low levels your purrs were
Our life together was filled with Love Light n Laughter
You loved my voice when I sang if you were napping n I sang you were there at my feet center stage listening
June 8th I got sad news you had mouth cancer m although you were not sick long watching you no longer drinking m eating made me see it was time to give you back to his If I had it my way I wish I had cancer not you The last 3 years in a different apt has been horrific not sure what I would have done without you I have been struggling to find a new apt n hope I get to a happy peaceful good space love is love my Baby Boy Meatball my heart is broken from your loss I cannot wait to see n be with you again until then God n Tony who has all my other cats will keep you close unlimited peace Love water n your fancy feast food you loved so much You are my Baby Boy Love you always your mom. Julie
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