by Julia
Floyd was such a sweet little kitten. We instantly grew such a tight bond. He helped me with my anxiety, constantly comforting me and making me feel safe. I don't leave the house much because of my anxiety so we grew very close and he became my best friend. He knew me so well and I knew him so well. We just got each other. He would sprint into the house whenever I called his name, and he would be so lovey and just want me to hold him. By the end of his short 2 years, I notice he started to not want to go outside and would be very lethargic. I started to worry, he was in so much pain and would meow as if he was saying "help". It broke my heart, took him to the vets. They said he caught a disease when he was a baby and that his lungs had filled with fluid. It was so sad, the vet told me he had to be put down. I told him how much I loved him, reminding him over and over until it was time. I can't believe he's gone, I'm going to miss him with all my heart. I will never forget my baby, thank you for all you have done for me, and helping me over come many obstacles. I always looked forward to coming home to you after a stressful day. rest in peace baby.
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