Joshua's Way
by Joyce Bates.........................................
Joshua was sweet mixed breed pup that was rescued from a basket in a parking lot by his Mom in September 1991. Joshua was under 4 weeks old but his Mom met the challenge and hand fed him junior baby foods. Joshua thrived very nicely. Joshua went on to be a very happy healthy puppy who never grew up but he did grow old. He lived to be 17 1/2 years old and just loved everyone. He was a very fortunate little guy because God gifted him with good health and a good family. Joshua began to show his age about a year ago and his parents were very concerned but the vet assured them that he was not in any pain. So his parents just continued to shower him with love and affection until a few weeks ago Joshua left them in the quiet of the night.
I know that Joshua was a happy guy and we treasured him more than life itself. He had a biblical name and he lived up to it. My friend called him "a glance from God" and he sure was.
We were so blessed and he knows that we love him and always will.
I do believe that pets know when they are loved so love your pet and let him know all of the time.
God Bless..
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