by Joseph DiNovi
In shadows cast by candlelight, a story softly weaves, of a gentle soul with whiskered face, who now forever leaves.
Pepper, dear Pepper, oh how tenderly you purred, your presence like a melody, in this heart you stirred.
With forehead fur marked with a M, and eyes like glowing embers, you wandered through our lives with grace, through all life's twists and bends. Though you've bid this world goodbye, your essence lingers near, in every corner of our home, your memory is always here.
You taught us patience, love, and more, in your silent, gentle way, and though you've passed beyond the veil, your spirit is here to stay. Through sunny days and moonlit nights, you'll always hold a space, In the tapestry of our lives, where your love will find its place.
Rest now, sweet Pepper, in the warmth of eternal light, for in our hearts, you'll never fade, our precious feline sprite. Though tears may flow like silent streams, our love will ever soar, for you were more than just a cat — you were family.

We’ll meet again with hugs and kisses.
Your best friend, Emily
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