by Joseph DiNovi
In whispers of the evening breeze, a tale is softly told, of a furry friend who touched our hearts, with paws so pure and bold.
Nacho, dear Nacho, oh how brightly did you shine, Your presence like a beacon, in this heart of mine.
With fur as soft as moonlit dreams, and eyes that gleamed like stars, you danced through life with boundless joy, leaving behind your scars.
Though you've crossed the rainbow bridge, your spirit lingers near, in every whispered rustle of leaves, your memory remains dear.
You taught us love in its purest form, a bond that knows no end, and though you're gone, you'll always be our faithful, furry friend.
Through sunny days and starlit nights, you'll forever hold a place, In the chambers of our hearts, where your love will never fade.
So, sleep now, sweet Nacho, beneath the moon's soft glow, for in our hearts, you'll always be, the cherished friend, we know.
Though tears may fall like gentle rain, our love for you will soar, for you were more than just a pet — you were family, forevermore.
With love, Emily
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