Moe the Knucklehead
by Joseph Dinovi
I was asked by a friend to post some nice facts regarding my cat Moe. So here it goes.
Fourteen years ago I adopted Moe from the old location of Petsmart in Deptford. At that time the Gloucester County Animal Shelter was heading up the adoptions there. For many years I had always wanted to have three cats and name them after the 3 Stooges. So I decided to get another cat and call him Moe. So he was the first of the 3 knuckleheads I adopted. I should mention that I already had two female cats at the time. Unfortunately one of them was declining in health and eventually passed.
I had no regrets at all. He was such a great cat with an awesome personality. He was very mellow and lovable. He responded to his name very quickly. He would come when I call for him. He was also the welcoming committee to all visitors. He would run into the kitchen jump up on the cat shelf in front of the window and greet everybody to visited.
Moe was very welcoming to the other knuckleheads when they joined the clan. In time Curly was next then Larry rounded out the fur trio. The other female I had eventually passed due to cancer in between adopting Curly and Larry.
So for many years all three boys lived in harmony. Always snuggling and sleeping with each other. Moe was definitely the leader of the group which is quite appropriate since the real Moe Howard was the leader as well.
I will miss this guy so much but I don’t like seeing him suffer. It sure is tough being a cat dad. Thank you to everyone who expressed their thoughts and condolences. Attached is a photo I took of him last night. Today I say goodbye to the first knucklehead.
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