My loss of my cat and dog
by John Woolston
When you have grown up with animals you enjoy each others company you part of one anothers life, i have only been bought up with cats not dogs and then suddenly you loose them, thats when its hard to bare, for me that has only just happened with the loss of our beautiful old cat ChesterCchalupa who died in my arms on August 24th 2017, this was the hardest thing i have had to cope with especially when i had to bury him, the tears were hard to keep back, i had never done this before,we miss him so so much,we bought fun and laughter for one another, he will be proud of his grave, then when you think you have to try and get on with life, on September 10th 2017 our dear dog TuckerLee was knocked over, his loss was so traumatic that i miss his company, our walks together, his bark and his greeting when i came home, i have lost my best friends but TuckerLee was my friend forever i will always say Morning and night to them but i know i will be with them soon, it will never be easy to forget them never ever....I love my precious babies and miss so much, cry cry cry xx
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