Ginger's Puppy Paws
by John Ciavarella.........................................
Seventeen years of Ginger's Puppy Paws moved outsider our world today. Inside my heart is breaking, the love and light of my life--Missy Ginger, has gone away.

I held her head, kissed her blurry eyes, and said "I Love You, Ginger Girl". With gentle hand and heavy heart I released her soul to God, crying for her spirit to fly and be free. I was numb at this time but never dreamed that it would hurt later so much, guess I was not thinking of me.

But she must be missing something; she left her beautiful paw prints on my heart. Kind remembers of the time we had together, I never planned or wanted her to be the first to part.

Her paw prints tug as fiercely as the shoestrings she once played with: those tug of wars together; the one's that I let her win. The shoes, the doggy toys, stuffed animals she loved speak about her passing and I fall apart again.

Those tummy rubs, little puppy "grunts" and kisses seem so far away. I cry: "What was I thinking? I said that it would be OK."

I said that I would be alright without you, if you really have to go. No need for you to fret or worry, we loved each other so."

Our final road and time to be with each other again remains to be seen. Ginger's puppy paws are so gentle and sweet, the pain they leave in passing, so mean.

I'll hold them safely in my heart", I tell Her; but I will let them run at will. When we cross the bridge together, I know that they will be still."

In loving memory of the love of my life, leading lady, and most faithful companion----Missy Ginger: 11/26/1995 - 10/21/2012 John Ginger's Daddy

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