The Ballad of the Tuxedo King
by Jodie (QuietReverie)
In a cozy home, there lived a royal feline,
A Tuxedo King whose love and warmth were divine.
With black and white fur and paws like mittens too,
Ozzy brought joy and love in all that he would do.

He loved to play and snuggle, his purrs a symphony,
And head bumps would often lead to sweet serenity.
He'd sit in boxes, bask in sunshine's golden light,
And share a slice of pizza with a smile so bright.

But alas, the time came when his reign would end,
And Ozzy left us to a place we can't comprehend.
Though our hearts were heavy with aching sorrow,
We'll always cherish his love, today and tomorrow.

So here's to Ozzy, the Tuxedo King of our hearts,
Whose spirit and love will never truly depart.
We'll keep his memory close, and never forget,
The joy and love that he brought, and the moments we met.
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