08/03/13 - 16/08/13
by Joanne Caulfield.........................................
08/03/13 - Hi our little darling Cain how are you this week? We seen two beautiful dobbies in the paper this week not nearly as handsome as you though and the girl treat them as her babies just like you were. They were sat with their little cheeky faces on the couch which was always your favourite spot. Its mothers day on sunday and its gonna be so hard for your mam its the first one for twelve years without you so pop down and see her babyboy and let her know you are there. Dad will still get a boofle card for her and sign your name like I always did along side your brothers and sisters. We still find it so hard without you our little prince and love and miss you so much. Sleep tight sweetheart love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

15/03/13 - Hi there our little sausage frog how are you this week, we hope you are ok sweetheart and were wondering if you have seen your older sister snowflake hanging around the bridge and if she is give her our love and kisses and tell her we miss her and make sure you look after her darling which we know you will. Has it been cold at the bridge its been snowing this week which we can't believe because this time last year we were all sat in the garden together enjoying a mini heatwave which we are going to miss so much this summer when we all used to chill on your cover. We hope its warm and sunny at the bridge and you and your little girlfriend are happy together with loads of baby cains running free. We love and miss you with all our hearts and souls baby don't forget them signs mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

22/03/13 - Hello our little angel we hope you ok and keeping well. Me and your mam found something this week and we believe it was a sign one of your tablets turned up on the bedroom rug. Dad was rubbing his itchy foot and thought it was one of mams earing but when he went down to pick it up there it was one of your chewed tablets that you sneakly spat out when we were'nt looking. You cheeky little boy how many times did you do that and how many more will we find ha ha. We know how much you hated your tablets but they helped you out so much and you always loved your treat of a piece of ham or a chicken bite that come with it. No matter what you did darling we always loved you and always will. Its still freezing here expecting more snow we can't believe it but we know you will be snug as a bug in a rug like you always were in bed with us. Sleep tight our little toy soldier all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29/03/13 - Happy Easter sweetypie hope theres loads of easter treats at the bridge for you and all your new friends and old ones like snows. Daddies started playing football again and your mam has missed your company so much while she has been at home because its too cold for her to come watch. We did a naughty thing the other night dad had spare ribs from the chinese takeaway something he could never do when you where here because you cried all night even when we hid them in a different room you still managed to sniff them out and thats what made you so special and unique and our baby boy Cain. Keep a close eye on us darling and look after me and your mam we love you so much and miss you more than words can describe keep remembering them signs baby all our love mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

05/04/13 - Its April already and 7 months without our little prince where has the time gone without you Caino we only wish we knew. Now the light nights are here its gonna be so much harder without you this was our time long long walks in the countryside not worrying about it getting dark and you bounding around in the bushes. We miss your company more than ever and I said to you last night about how many football matches ive missed watching with you dad used to love chilling with your bone on the bed watching the game and mam misses us laid on the rug so much even though she always moaned!!! We wish we could turn back time so we could all be united again we love and miss you with all our hearts baby boy mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12/04/13 - Hi there our big gingerman how are you we hope you are fine and well and happy up at the bridge. We would have had an unsettled night with you tonight up and down chasing all the cats that keep going in the big sandpit in the back garden which weve got to put a new patio down in the morning. Your daft sister Cleo was scared stiff of the big pile of sand she isn't brave and fearless like you always were. Your sister Shannon will be leaving us soon shes been accepted into university up at Leeds time goes by so fast babyboy and you werent in our lives for no where near as much as you should have been we love and miss you so much our sweet baby boy night night our angel mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19/04/13 - Hows our little baby boy this week weve got a favour to ask you darling come with us this weekend please, we goin up to see daddies new nephew up north and its gonna be so hard because its the first time your mam has been there without you. We gonna stay in a hotel out the way so we cant see your constant reminders even though you loved all the fields and the woods its still to upsetting seeing all those places without you. Your mam said will you stay by our sides please for the weekend to help her get through it. Has the sun been shining at the bridge darling it has here but the strong winds kept us awake for two nights. We love you so much Caino please be there for us and send some of your strength down to your mam we love and miss you with all our hearts baby mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26/04/13 - Hello our special little man hope you are well and healthy and as beautiful as ever. We sat and watched a programme on grizzly bears this week and compared you to Van the king of the valley, he was beautiful big and strong and also the boss just like you always were with us darling even your colours and the walk was the same two big gorgeous boys who were strong fearless and protective towards the ones they love. He had many girlfriends which we bet you do now up at the bridge our handsome Cain. Mammy had a small operation this week but although shes ok she wishes her boy was with her to keep her company and nurse her better. Stay close, stay safe, stay strong and stay with us baby boy and dont forget them signs we love and miss you with all our hearts mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

03/05/13 - Hiya sweetheart hows our little angel this week. It was was your sister Shannons birthday yesterday she missed her cuddle and licks and card with a little treat inside it. The warm weather has come this week darling and it doesnt feel the same coming home from work and you not sat on your quilt in the garden waiting for his dad then we would wait for it to cool down and walk for miles I miss that so much baby. We went for something to eat in the country and it reminded us so much of you and all the great times we had on our adventures. We still cant believe its 8 months tonight since we lost you sweetheart and we still love and miss you more than ever it seems an absolute lifetime since we lost you to the bridge and theres not a day goes by when we wouldnt swap everything to have you back with us. We love you so much Cain all our love mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10/5/13-hiya my beautful baby boy how r you sweetheart hope ur keeping realy well, sorry this is abit late darling but as you probebly no me and u dad have broken up and i didnt no how to write to you babyboy cuse ur dad allways did it so i was worryed i did something wrong and deleted it all which i would have been deverstated, but ur sister shan as sorted it for me so please forgive me cain im so sorry . iv not been to good cain with the break up of u dad its been horrible and very painful, some days i find it hard to cope but iv just got to carry on and keep myself busy , so if u could send down your love and energy darling and help me through this very tuff time that be great, i need you round me cain always watching over me and sending me them signs , you wouldnt have like been here to see it all and you would be miising you dad so much like i am , he told me to say hi and he loves you loads and ur always on his mind, hope things r good for you on the bridge darling and u keeping strong and happy, i miss you my baby boy so much and love you all the world, you take care darling all my love mam xxxxxxxxxxxx and dad xxxxxxxx

17/5/13-hows my sexy cain today, hope your keeping well sweetheart, you mams still hurting lots iv been split from u dad 2 weeks now and we do miss each other, we meet up this week for a little chat and we going to meet up again next week to see how thing go and if we still want each other so we taking things very slowly baby, so if you could help usout abit that would be great, we both miss you so much darling so please stay close to us always. just wish you was here to give me that big cuddle and a kiss and keep me cumpany i miss that all so much, lives not the same now. iv lost you now u dad its so hard and painful , anyway you keep well my ginger man and send me some signs ill talk to u next friday cain, love u always and forever mam xxxxxxxxxxxxx and a x from u dad to x

24/5/13-well baby cain its nearly the end of may coming up to 9 months since i lost you sweetheart realy cant beleive its been that long sexy man, i still miss u all the world baby and id do anything to have you back home with me were you belong, cuse im all on my own now cain not many people left in this house, just me u brother liam, cleo,and charlie, its so quiet and lonenly for me now you and your dad as gone but iv got to carry on some how iv got no choice so if you can be with me as much as you can darling that be so great, i need you to send me all your love and strenth cainy from the bridge. i take ur ashes to bed with me nearlt every night so i can keep you close to me awwww i love you cain so so much, hope your well and keeping happy my darling, and ill take to you next friday, you dad said hi and he misses you, love and hugs forever and always baby boy keep me smiling please and safe, love your hearbroken mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xfrom you dad x

31/05/13 - Hi baby boy its your daddy here and ive got some good news me and your mam are back together and gonna make a go of it because we love each other so much darling just like we always loved you. The good thing is Caino the spelling mistakes on your bridge will soon stop ha. Its been red hot today and we both miss lying around in the garden with you so much. We hope you are still running free like you were born to do sweetheart and if ever we needed a sign its now just to confirm we one family again. Your mam is not so lonely now baby now im back she has got her beautiful smile back but it would be even bigger if you were here with us. We think and talk about you every day our little angel and miss you so much speak to you soon gingerman all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

07/06/13 - Hi sweetheart how are you this week we hope its nice and sunny and warm up at the bridge like it has been here for the last few days. Sitting outside just isnt the same without you laid out on your blanket with us darling and we miss you up and down to the living room laid out on the cool tiles when you got to hot then back out again like a yo yo our little yo yo who we d do anything to have back with us. We still can t believe its been 9 months since you left us baby where does time go?????? We had a chicken for our tea and we know that as soon as you heard the packet rustle your little nose would twitch and you d jump off the couch as quick as a flash for your little treat. We love and miss you more than ever our little angel speak soon keep safe baby all our love mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

14/06/13 - Hi there our little angel we hope you and all your friends are well and having fun up at the bridge. Dads just been away on a stag do for a few days and came back unwell all i wanted was to lie on the bed with me big handsome dobbie and chill out not that can ever happen with your mam nagging all the time. Mam went out at the weekend as well baby and come in really drunk she wishes you were here to cuddle up to in bed. Your sister Shannons has just done her last exam at college and now shes just waiting on her grades before going to uni. We cant believe how many cats are coming into the garden now Cainy there was no chance when you were on gaurd. We love and miss you with all our hearts darling stay close and dont forget them signs big kisses and hugs always mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

21/06/13 - Hi there our little sweetness how are you this week. We watched a programme on the tele last night with Paul O Grady called for the love of dogs, its about poor dogs left in a care home and some of the poor little babies are hurt and mistreat it makes our love for you seem so much more special. There was one dog who really tugged on our heartstrings that was tied up and attacked by other dogs, we so glad that we could love and care for you darling you were always number one in our lives. Daddy got upset thinking of you because he misses you so much. Your mam has been dreaming about you an awful lot this week we hope its a sign because she feels so much closer to you so keep coming into our thoughts and dreams baby boy we feel so much closer to you when you do. We love you with all our hearts and souls stay safe sexy man mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

28/06/13 - Hows our little baby gingerman this week we hope you are fit and well and full of beans like you always were. Theres not a lot to report this week sweetheart weve had a boring 7 days since we last spoke. One thing for certain baby if you were here there would be no boring days because you always kept us busy and happy and if there was never nothing to do we always had you to walk for miles and miles. We hope to have a lot more to talk about next week until then cainy all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

05/07/13 - Hi there our little darling Cain we into another new month cant believe how fast life is passing us by without you. its so hard to believe we havent seen you for 10 months and its sneaking up to a full year without the best thing in our lives. Its been red hot today baby and its gonna be even warmer at the weekend no good for you because it was too hot for your long walks and you de always sulk til it was cool enough to go. We would be sat in the garden with your big umbrella up to keep you cool God we miss that so so much. Liams gone away on holiday your mam cried when he went because the house is so empty now only Cleo and daft Charlie to keep her company while dads at work not your loving presence all day and nite . Speak soon sweetheart all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12/07/13 - Hows our little angel boy this week we hope you and all your friends are happy and well up at the bridge. Your mam had a big shock the other night somebodies cat climbed through the window while we were asleep and jumped up on the bed to get back out. What a suprise it would have had if you were at the bottom of the bed no doubt you would have jumped out the window after it ha!!!!! The weathers still absolutley boiling here darling no good for our baby just lazing around all day and night anyway we know you running free now sweetheart we just wish it was here with us. Lots of love and kisses and cuddles always our big gingerman mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19/07/13- Hows our baby boy today we hope you are well. We still in the middle of a heatwave at the minute and its showing no signs of cooling down yet its been as hot as mexico this week, we would have had to invent some chicken flavoued ice lollies to cool our buggerlugs down ha.cain this is your mam i want to tell you im missing you so so much my angel,been crying alot these last cuple of weeks so im asking for your help baby and send me down your love,and hugs, realy in need of your love sweetheart.try and let me no your here with us darling with some kind of sign that would make me smile again, summertime is so hard without you cain so many memories great memories, we would be going on holiday around this time with you , we loved our time away with you it was so special in caravans and log cabins guna miss them till the day i die and back with you all again, then i will never ever let you go again,i will hold you tight for ever and ever, best go now my angel cuse im geting realy upset,we,ll talk to you next week sweetheart,stay close stay safe, stay strong,and be happy baby,we love you with all our hearts love and hugs mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

26/07/13 - Hi there sweetness how are you this week we hope you ok and still running free at the bridge. Daddies home alone this week just me and your brother Charlie how I would love to have you laid on the bed next to me chilled out I miss those times so so much you were and always will be my number one baby boy my lifelong best pal and I know your not here in body but your spirit is always with me I feel it everywhere I go. I miss you so much Cain me and you were partners and I know one day we will be again. Stay close to me and your mam always our little angel we love and miss you with all our hearts speak soon gingerman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

02/08/13 - Hi there our little special man its daddies birthday today and my first without you, I had such a massive lump in my throat when i opened your card because everything in it was so true. We went on a train for the first time without you today as well baby and it felt so strange without you there with us curled up good as gold like you always were on every journey. Cant believe its still red hot thats a full 6 weeks of sun bet you cant wait till december ha. We miss you so so much sweet ginge words cant describe how we feel about you we think about you every second of every day speak soon our angel all our love and kisses, stay safe, stay close and stay strong mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09/08/13 - Hi there baby boy how are you? We hope you are well and still running free with all your friends at the bridge. We had a ride up to Lincon this week and there was a massive park there you would have loved to explore it said to keep leads on but we never did baby did we ha you were always so much happier roaming free sniffing every bush and tree. It was your sister Cleos second birthday yesterday God how we wish it was yours as well. The dark nights are sneaking in again and it wont be long before its pitch black at teatime. We all hate dark nights and always did!!! Anyway sweetheart stay safe and be happy all our love always darling mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

16/08/13 - Hi there our little sweetness we hope you are ok and happy at the bridge. Your sister Shannon got some good news this week shes been accepted in Leeds university which is what she really wanted shes over the moon so keep a watchful eye over her baby and keep her safe. We so chuffed for her and we gonna miss her so much especially your mam so send her some extra comfort and love cos shes gonna need it. Daddy seen another choccy dobbie at work this week but he wasnt half as big strong and elegent as you gingerman although he had the same beautiful face. If you can darling send us some signs just to let us know you are still around us, stay safe our little angel all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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