Cains Story starting in Rainbow Bridge
by Joanne Caulfield.........................................
14/9/12 - Can't believe it's a week 2 the minute that you fell asleep, our lives are so empty without you and our home is no longer the warm loving place it used to be. There isn't a minute gone by when me and your mam hasn't thought about you we hope you at peace babboy and our love for you will last forever. Mam and Dad xxxxxxxx.

21/9/12 - Its been 2 weeks since you left us baby and the pain and hurt and emptiness is as strong as ever we hope you are happy and running free with loads of new friends. Our world will never be the same without you baby boy but we know your looking over us and keeping us safe until the next time sweetheart lots of love, kisses and massive hugs mam and dad xxxxxxxx

28/9/12 - Another week gone by without you and we missing you more than ever baby boy our world is such an empty place without you. The cold weathers here now so we hope you nice warm and cosy with all your new friends at the bridge we are trying to be strong baby but its so hard without you here we love and miss you so much our darling Cain love you always mam and dad xxxxxxx

5/10/12 - Into October already and the fair is in town we would have your little coat ready for the cold weather coming. Me and your mam still aren't coping very well without you here the house seems so dull and empty your sister Cleo is trying to comfort

your mam and Liam's missing your fights on the rug and even Charlie the little bird is missing your bark its so quiet. We love you so much baby there's not a second goes by when we not thinking of you speak to u soon until then all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxx

12/10/12 - Hi sweetheart another long week gone by without u seems like forever since me and your mam has took you for a walk which we miss so so much. We hope you are settled into rainbow bridge and are happy with loads of new friends. Please send your mam some of your strength baby boy because she s realy struggling this week so send us some signs just to let us know u ok. Until next time be happy baby all our love and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxx

19/10/12 - Hi there our big gingerman the dark nights are drawing in but we know you still loved your walks night and day we missing them beautiful long adventures so much. Its your birthday tomorrow you'll be 12 years old still cant believe you not here to celebrate it with us we miss you so so much baby boy. Me and your mam are off to see a spiritualist in the morning so hopefully we can speak to you on your birthday and feel close to you again. Sleep tight buggerlugs talk to you tomorrow all our love, hugs and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxx

20/10/12 - Happy 12th birthday our little angel we sending you our gift of love to rainbow bridge and we hope you send us your love and strength straight back to us. Words cannot describe how much we are missing you especially today where we would have taken you to an extra special place for you to explore. If you've got time you can pop down and see your cards and give me and your mam a little sign that you ok we love and miss you with all our hearts and we sending you a poem mam and dad xxxxxxxx

'A Lifetime Wish'

If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true
We'd pray to God with all our hearts
For yeterday and you.

A thousand words cant bring you back
We know because we've tried
Niether will a thousand tears
We know because we've cried.

You left behind our broken hearts
and happy memories too...
But we never wanted memories;
We only want

26/10/12 - Hello baby Cain thought we'd say hi and hope you are ok. Hope its nice and warm up there on the bridge because its freezing here the nasty fireworks have started but we know that where you are you don't have to be afraid anymore. Its still so hard for me and your mam and we can't believe how much your love and life here with us meant to us baby boy. Your little sister Cleo is getting cheeky sleeping in your favourite spot on the bed and you have been in your mams dreams an awful lot the past few weeks so we hope its a sign that you ok and still with us. Liam and Shannon says hi and they love you lots. Night Night our little angel thinking of you always love mam and dad xxxxxxxxx

02/11/12 - November already and its two whole months since we lost you our precious little angel we talk about you every day and your brother Liam brought us a beautiful photo of you leaning over the front wall waiting for me coming home from work its amazing and perfect just like you. Its the worst weekend of the year for you this week with bonfire night so we hope you are safe and happy with all your new friends. You are always on our minds and we love you with all our hearts mam and dad xxxxxxxxxx

09/11/12 - Hiya baby boy how are you this week hope you still smiling and happy running free. The dark nights are here now and the days seem longer and longer without you here to fill in all of the gaps in our lives. We miss cuddling up with you on the couch and the bed and most of all we miss your love Caino so much. We talk to you all of the time and hope you can hear what we are saying to you and if you can send us a sign that you here at home with us. Your mam has started the christmas shopping not that christmas will be the same without you. Night night our little gingerman speak to you soon xxxxxxxxxx

16/11/12 - Hows our baby boy this week hope you feeling a lot better than me and your mam. We still struggling so much without our rock by our side the world is such a boring horrible lonely place without you our little ray of sunshine. Dads started to play football again now but its not the same to come home to an empty house. The nights seem so long now dads finishing work early and all the extra time we could spend together is wasted, we miss you so so much gingerman. We still cant bring ourselves to get your little coat out of the cupboard cos we know it will break our hearts again. We hope you can hear our messges when we talk to you every day and night and please Cain send us some signs. We love you forever and always chicken mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxx

23/11/12 - Another week gone by without you baby and christmas is edging closer its just so lonely and quiet around the house without you running around. Your mam got your coat out of the cupboard and slept with it all night its the hardest thing shes had to do since you left us and your smell is so strong around the collar and neck and your little hairs are everywhere. Me and your mams been out christmas shopping and everywhere we go we see teddies that you would absolutly love to rip to shreds especially a big giraffe that would have been a perfect pezzie for our boy. It seems to be getting harder as chrismas gets closer its cos you made our christmas and made it so worthwhile. Until next time night night darling speak again soon we love you so much mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxx

30/11/12 - Hi there our sweet little gingerman its your mams birthday today and its been so so hard for her without you here for the first time in twelve years.Cant believe its exactly three months today that we lost you. It broke dads heart last night writing your birthday card for your mam and having to put a little halo over your name the same as your sister snowflake i missed putting your little treat in the card so you didnt miss out. We managed to get a beautiful present from you and cleo charlie and snows its a photo album so we can keep all your pictures together and safe. We just want one more thing darling will you try and give us a little sign just to let us know you are here and watching over us. The frost and the cold are here now and we used to love the extra long winter walks you could go on forever we hope thats what you doing now baby boy we love you so much mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxx

07/12/12 - Can't believe its another week already ginge not long till christmas now and we dreading it without you baby we still not sure whether to put up the tree or not cos we still havent brought ourselves to sit downstairs where your big cosy bed always was. Its gonna get really cold this week with snow it was dad and Cains favourite time of the year we used to love playing in the snow with you peeing up the snowman i made then destroying it in seconds. Your sister Cleo is becoming a pain in bot without you letting her know your the boss if you get a spare minute pop down and remind her this is your house and always will be. We love you so so much our little angel speak to you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

14/12/12 - Hiya darling its that time of the week again when we say hello. We put the christmas tree up this week but we didnt really wanna do it cos it doesnt feel right doing it without you. We found your little penguin in the boxes the one you used to nudge and knock over and tried your best to bite it made your mam cry. We ve bought a new decoration for the tree with a space for a picture of your beautiful face. Its getting a lot harder than we thought our angel we miss you more and more every day our lives arent complete anymore without you. We ve noticed some of your nose prints in the car where it pressed up againt the window we will never rub them off because we wanna keep every little reminder we can of our little soldier. All our love and kisses and hugs always baby mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

21/12/12 - Hiya our gorgeous boy how are things at the bridge hope you are ok and having fun. We not having much fun at the minute running around getting stressed over christmas not that its gonna be any fun anyway without you darling because we always knew you were there for us when we got home to cheer us up and give us a big cuddle and a snog and brighten up our day no matter how bad it was. Daddies got your mam a beautiful gift for christmas ive just picked it up today its a massive picture of you and i know it will make her heart smile its gonna get pride of place on the bedroom wall so its the first thing we see on a morning when we open our eyes and the last thing we see before we go to sleep. Your sister Cleo was acting strange the other night staring at something in the bedroom we hope it was you baby and if it was please keep visiting us and giving us signs. We'll speak to you again on christmas day sweetheart until the be safe love and miss unconditionially mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25/12/12 - Merry Christmas darling weve missed so much this morning it hasnt been the same without you being here opening your presents and taking you on your morning walk. Its so quiet Cain, your brother Charlie has been a bit happier though its the first time weve been downstairs for longer than an hour since you left us for rainbow bridge. Your sister Cleo isnt very happy shes got a new pink collar and she absolutly hates it. We going out for our dinner and it wont be the same coming home with no meat for you of our plates and we loved nothing more than snuggling up with you on a christmas night. Come and see us please baby boy just let us know you here with us speak soon our little angel we love you so much mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

28/12/12 - Well thats Christmas over with darling Cain and it was as expected it hasn't been a happy home without you. The days are so long and boring without your love and joy to fill them it was always dads favourite time of the year because i got to spend so much quality time with you and your mam. You'de have loved the meat off our dinner it was thick pieces of beef and lamb you would have loved your little doggy bag we always brought you. We gonna be taking the tree down in the next couple of days because we havent had much to celebrate with losing you and we really not bothered about much at the minute. If you get chance our gingerman come see us before the new year just give us a sign that you ok and you can here us talking to you. We gonna bed now baby just wish you were here to snuggle up with us night night our little angel we'll speak to you at new year all our love always mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

01/01/13 - Happy New Year our little angel this is the start of 2013 without you. Mam and dad went out for the first time in years on a new years eve because we never liked to leave you with all the fireworks going off. When we got home your little sister Cleo was hid behind the couch scared stiff of all the bangs going off. If you had been with us we'd have been right there with you keeping you safe and cuddling up with you. Its gonna be a long sad boring year without you our baby boy dads back to work on monday and i know you'de always sulk for a week when i'de been off work for a few weeks. We'll speak to you on friday gingerman send us down your love and signs please and we'll always send ours we love and miss you so much Cain mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

04/01/13 - Hello our little angel hope you are well hows the new year up in rainbow bridge? ours hasn't started off very good mammies really upset again darling and dad is really ill with the flu but it didn't matter how ill or out of sorts either of us was you'de always come first and ude never miss a walk. Nelson next door thinks he's king of the castle now so if you get a min put him in his place because you always were and always will be number one around here. Your mam thinks the signs have stopped baby so if you can no matter how big or small let us know your spirit is here watching over us. We gonna bed now Caino because we fed up just wish you were here to kiss goodnight and there in the morning laid under the covers with us when we wake up sweet dreams our baby boy and keep safe love and hugs always mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11/01/13 - Hi baby another week flown by without you we due a cover of snow at the weekend and we'd usually be excited because we know how much you loved playing in it and taking sneaky bites of it when daddy wasn't looking. Daddies got a promotion at work I'm a boss now baby it's a big step for me and your mam and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I hope you listening and reading all our messages baby boy and if you can just reply in some way just to let us know you getting them. Speak to you soon our beautiful boy love you with all our hearts mam and dad xxxxxxxxxx

18/01/13 - How's our little angel today is there any snow at the bridge? It's really bad here baby it's never stopped all night wish you were here to play in the garden with your dad we could build a snowman for you pee up then destroy like you loved doing so much. We would have walked for miles in the morning with your little thermal coat on It doesn't feel right with you not here we missing you even more than normal if that's possible. Your sister hates it not like you we have to chuck her out the door. Your mam got a lovely poem sent today about you being with her at all times we hope its true darling until the next time night night we love you so much mam and dad xxxxxxxx

25/01/13 - Whats our little baby boy up to this week? Its another week gone bye with dad having time off work with the bad weather you used to wish for it every day of the year!!!! So you could get your extra long walks which we loved so much as well and believe me Cainy we missing them walks so so much. Dads working all weekend though so you could have joined your mam in a big sulk like you both always did and still do. We got your picture back this week after we got a couple of pictures changed its absolutley amazing theres a puppy one, a posing one, a funny one and a one not long before you left us for the bridge and its going up pride of place on our bedroom wall showing you in all your beauty we'll treasure it forever darling. We missing you like crazy baby and don't forget to send us some signs and keep in our thoughts and dreams love you so much mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09/02/13 - Hi baby boy what a scare we had this week when we came to talk to you at the bridge all our conversations had disapeared and we didn't know why. We got in touch with Ginny in America who set up rainbow bridge and thankfully she managed to sort it for us apart from lasts weeks chat so we can only apologise that its not on and hope you managed to read it in time sweetheart. Me and your mam were absolutley devastated last night when it happened because we feel its a way of communicating with you and keeping you in touch with our world. Mam didn't get much sleep with worry all night but when she turned the computer back on in the morning and it was back on she shouted with joy and it was a huge weight off our shoulders knowing all of our conversations were still in tact. Anyway we hope you ok and still watching over us darling we miss you more and more each day lots of love hugs and kisses mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

15/02/13 - Hello our little toy soldier thankfully no shocks when we've logged on to the bridge this week. What have you been up to this week sweetheart we bet you were the centre of attention this valentines day with all the bitches chatting you up and after a date with our gorgeous gingerman. Its starting to get a little bit lighter on a night now baby boy it makes us miss your walks even more if thats possible. Dad finially brought himself to clean the back of the car this week and collected loads of your ginger hairs which we keep with your ashes. Theres still millions of hairs on the seats and your little nose mark is still on your window God we miss you so much darling you will always be our sexy man all our love and kisses always baby mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

22/02/13 - Hows our little sweetheart this week hope you are doing well daddies been working at Bridlington this week and its so hard driving up there without you because it was your favourite place by far, you loved the beach the cliff top walks and spending so many weekends in b&b's with you mam and dad. Its not the same place without you darling and thats what makes it so hard. If we could only have one wish it would be to have you back and live our lives all over again with you. Cleos still a little shit and all she does is sleep sleep sleep go out for an hour then sleep again its nowhere near the same as having you who made this house feel so alive. Cats are so boring!!!!! Charlie still gives us a headache which you know all about because he used to do your head in. Keep close and keep safe and be happy baby boy and don't forget them signs all our love gingerman mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

01/03/13 - Well baby boy its been 6 months now since we lost you and we can't believe where the time has gone. We still miss you more and more every day and our lives havent been the same without you and probably never will be. Where does time go Cain? we still find it so strange that you not walking around this house, we still havent sat downstairs since we lost you just because it doesn't feel right without you on the couch with his mam and dad. What have you been up to anyway gingerman we hope the nights are getting lighter so you can play and run free for longer but if you get time darling pop down and see me and your mam and start sending us signs again. We love and miss you so much sweetheart stay safe, stay close and stay strong love mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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