Albert Bunny
by Jenna
Albert was the most beautiful rabbit, he had soft white fur, beautiful lop ears that were like felt, a flat nose and had a tuft of hair on his head. He was affectionate, knowing when one of the family was upset. He was playful, running and binkying all around the house and garden. He enjoyed strokes and used to wake me up at 3am by jumping into my bed. If I slept on the sofa he would wake me by sitting on me and tickling my face with his whiskers. He tried to steal chocolate and other food items, and he loved his weetabix when I came down for breakfast, Albert had to eat first! He prepared me for motherhood, I'd never cared about anything before him. I worried about him so much when I was away from him, I once had to go on a course with work for 3 nights, when I came home he was stamping his feet at me. I even got a job with hours that would suit him, and made excuses to leave early to get home. He had lots of toys, even though he didn't really care for them, much more preferring various cardboard objects.
He cheated death twice, the first time the vet gave him the best attention, but unfortunately time was running out, he only gave him one more day....that night he made a full recovery, it was the best day ever, he was a superstar.
In recent months he slowed down a lot, I knew he was getting old and let him do his own thing, he could no longer get up on the sofa or forage for treats, he hasn't binkyed for a while, I know he was still the same happy bun, fussing at me when I opened the fridge, greeting me in the morning the only way Albert can.
He was much more than a rabbit...he was my best friend, and I'll always remember him. I hope he knows how much I love him, my loyal, bright and beautiful boy.

Sleep tight my darling, I will see you again. All my love.

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