She’s there in our love all the time.
by Jeff
Quite a few years since our Lexus, Cairn Terrier passed. Until now she came to me in occasional second flashes of good times we had. Monday night Candlelight memorial I really thought of her. It is so obvious why she doesn't come to my mind more often. My own nervousness and negativity is the only thing keeping her away. Like a child that instinctively knows to run away from trouble- that is what our Fur babies are doing over the Rainbow bridge.

During the Candlelight memorial on Monday I felt more a connection to her. I meditated on all the negativity in my life that keeps my Lexus from coming to me, and the trouble just kind of melted away.

Tuesday morning I went outside to smoke a cigarette. The Sun was just starting to rise. I thought of the Light of all the Love we had with Lexus, and it just came out real clear. There was all the love and happy times we had with her. I could start to see it all is still there, with the morning light. Suddenly I heard Lexus bark in my mind more clear than I had ever heard it. And I know her bark. All the Love we had for out pets don't just disappear. It stays somewhere, to come out at a time that is right. I went inside with a great deal of happiness. Said a little meditation about Love and Light of the Morning. And a remembrance of Lexus. That she is always near me, to come out when the time is safe and clear.
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