Poem for Coco
by Jeanie Edwards
Don't be sad mama I know you miss me so
I know it broke your heart the day I had to go
I know you loved me with all your heart and you know I loved you too
And I know the pain is so much you don't know what to do
Just remember me and all the good times and fun we had
And think about the joy you brought me when you feel so sad
I'm here now at the rainbow bridge where I can run and play
And I know I'll see you again and that will be a beautiful day
I hate to see you hurt so I sent someone hand picked by God and me
For you to love and cherish so the way you could see
Just remember I'm always close tucked away safe in your heart
And that special bond we had will never keep us apart
Roll your windows down and put a smile on your face
Because I know in your world I'll always have a special plac
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