To Tidbit - 7/4/2002 - 5/30/2017
by Jackie Murphy
Some neighbors rescued Tidbit and her 3 siblings in 2002 and now there's only one left - her sister Pudgee. I had to say goodbye to my Tidbit today, 5/30/17. I realized she had lost weight - it was quite noticeable; and began hiding under the dining room table and behind the entertainment center. She had a strange meow and just didn't look right, she looked sad. She stopped using the litter box - even though they were clean. I watched her very closely and knew something was wrong. Although she enjoyed sitting with me and sleeping with me - giving her medication would have been stressful for both of us. I prayed and asked for guidance; I even prayed that she pass in her sleep so I wouldn't have to make the heart wrenching decision to say good-bye. It isn't easy saying goodbye to a beloved pet as anyone visiting this site knows. I spoke to her gently; told her how much I love her, and that her sister (Rascal) and brother (Punkin) were waiting for her. I know the 3 of them are all running around and playing and are whole again. Tidbits siblings had cancer - Rascal had a leg amputation, and Punkin had colon cancer. Our pets become such a big part of our family and it hurts terribly when they're gone. I know I gave all 3 of them a wonderful life and let them go to Rainbow Bridge with as little pain as possible. I will never forget them and their antics. I still have their sister, Pudgee, and two other cats - Tiggy and Cougar. We'll all miss Tidbit. Until we meet again, sweet, lovable, talkative girl - I LOVE YOU! PEACE.
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