by Jack Palinsky
Theadore, Teddy, T.C., Red Ted, Bully Cat. Those were the names I called you. 11/15/02, out of a picture lineup my wife and I chose Teddy to be the kitty to join us in an attempt to heal our hearts crushed by the loss of our precious Littleman who just disappeared one afternoon, he was only 7 years old. Teddy was supposed to be my cat, but chose my wife as his. He loved me, but her more. A beautiful tawny and white short he grew to 17 pounds of solid muscle and as we adopted one after the other, totaling 13 he appointed himself alpha male, king. He was never mean, just the boss. Thirteen years and three months later, hyperthyroidism, liver failure, and dramatic weight loss left us no choice. He is now with Littleman and all those between, first one rescued, last one to leave. He was greatly loved and will never be forgotten.
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