Proud and Stately
by Jack Palinsky.........................................
On Saturday December 16th 2006, the decision was made to keep the dignity of one of our rescues in tact. He was 12-14 yrs old when we got him and spent 19 months with us. He arrived with a cancerous eye which we had removed by a wonderful vet. Theo thrived at our home with nine others and was respected by each of them, all younger (1 - 11 yrs). He was proud, stately, and dignified. A thin, yet handsome gray tabby. In the four days prior to us sending him to Rainbow's Bridge, he went from first in line to be fed to not eating at all for 2 1/2 days. When on that Saturday morning he started to stagger while trying to walk, we immediately took him to our vet. His kidney's had failed and no medicine would do more than keep him alive. His quality of life would have been poor at best. We had provided him with special food, special care, and a special place to sleep. He responded with friendship and love; he didn't like a lap, but loved to lean up next to you while sleeping or resting. He will never be forgotten. The majority of his life was less than kind, the end was as if he were a king. My message is testimony to rescuing senior cats. They probably need us more than any others. Theo was special, we are glad to have given him what should have had all his life.
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