by Jack Palinsky.........................................
Here I am a few days away from my 70th birthday recalling the passing of a few of my wonderful feline friends. Herb 1/31/94 20 yrs of age, Littleman 9/16/02 7yrs of age, One-Eyed-Jack 12/31/09 about 9 yrs of age. They are but a few of those that have touched my life. Others, Ghosty, Patches, Neil, Feral, Nanette, Peanutbutter, the ancient Theo, 18 when he came to me; all touched my heart, but the first three mentioned haunt me yet today and I guess always will for their paw prints run a little deeper in my soul. I pray that someday all of them can surround me in a field of love. Keep them close Lord for they are precious to me. I'm getting old and tired and I need that comforting thought.
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