Fanci Pants
by J Moore
Fanci came to me via Mimo. Mimi loved you so much and so did I. When Mimi was able to care for you anymore I took you into my home. Mimi had found you a home but it broke her heart to give you to a stranger so on this day I took you home with me.
We had some work to do to get you settled in. On day one we started and within a few weeks you had settled into a routine with Alexus,so our family became a family of three.
Over the last couple of months you had not been feeling well,you had a bad heart and collapsed trachea . I knew you weren't feeling well when you didnt run to the door or you just nibbled at your food. I will miss you running to the door to greet me. You loved your dollhouse crackers,laying in the sun,I had to run you in,you loved your baths Nd laying under the coffee table and rubbing your head. The vet not so much.
I knew your time was almost up when you didnt run to the door or you just nibbled at your food. When I was getting ready for bed I laid down on the floor and rubbed your sweet head and looked into those sad but sweet eyes.I told her I loved her my Fanci Pants,so go to sleep my sweet girl.Fanci left this world on her own I. Her sleep last night.She deserved a peaceful departure.just know that you were loved by me,Mimi and Bob and Alexus.Sweet Dreams my Sweet Girl

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