A walk with my cat in the Flamingo Park
by Isabelle Golmier
My Calico Shellie, we’ve lived together 4 years. I remember how every day I used to walk you with your harness in the park when coming back from work. Once home, I used to put your blue harness on, carry you in my orange carrier downtown for about 10 minutes to get to the Flamingo Park. I got so much stronger and healthier with you by the way. Then I would sit on a bench with you, watching people playing tennis, and/or watch the numerous night lights gleaming at around 7pm. Telling myself one day I will move with you in fron of the Flamingo Park. I used to read the news on my iPhone while you walked me through the park, smelling bushes, sometimes running to catch a lizard, or simply run to release the tension from the day. It was wonderful. Thank you Shellie xxxx
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