by Ian Wilson

My darling, my love, my sweet one of a kind Alleycat, my best friend.
Thank you for letting me share your life.
Although I came into it late you graciously accepted me and you taught me unconditional love.
You were such a sweet, intelligent cat.
You have made me a more complete person and I don’t know how I’ll carry on without you.

It has been such a privilege to share our home with you.
I will miss our playful times and our walks together around the garden.
To touch your velvety ears and stroke your soft fur or to caress those sweet little paws was such pure delight.
To have you sleep beside me on the bed at night, with your wonderful purr echoing in the dark, or to have you choose to snuggle beside me on the sofa,
all now gone.

My heart feels a pain so deep as though something inside has died.
The tears and sadness are never ending.
I wish you could come back to me Alleycat.

This house will be so empty and meaningless with you no longer in it.
I search everywhere hoping to catch your scent, my heart is broken.
No more will you be there to greet us when we come home.
No more the soft padding of your paws on the stairs.
No more finding you asleep in your favourite resting places.

I love you, I love you, I love you, dear Alleycat.
I will miss you my lovely, loyal companion.
I am so sorry I could not make you better.
Forgive me for what I had to do to free you from your pain and suffering.
We will be reunited in heaven, where you will be healthy once more and I will hold you again, forever.

Forever loved
Forever missed
Forever my Alleycat “medallion man”
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