Gone too Soon
by Heather

Your daddy and I eagerly awaited your arrival. For the months up to your birth, your daddy read every book on dog training that he could find. We bought the best food available and researched everything about raising a puppy. Dude, you were loved.

The moment you were born, your daddy and I were beyond thrilled. We hadn't met you yet, but you already brought us so much joy. Every day that a picture of you arrived in our email, we were ecstatic. Dude, you were loved.

The day your daddy brought you home was one of pure elation. I looked into your eyes for the first time and feel madly in love. You had so many friends from day 1 - there wasn't a person or animal that you met who couldn't helped but be engulfed in your fluffy golden fur and your growing paws. Dude, you were loved.

The 9 days that we shared with you were tremendous. Your daddy and I marveled in your ability to squeeze under the couch. We laughed when you pooped in the house and cheered when we made it in time to get you outside. Watching your daddy teach you how to sit and leave it were glimpses of how talented you were. You unlocked an incredible happiness that only a fur-puppy can give. Dude, you were loved.

When I came home from work and saw your daddy sitting on the porch, I was so excited to give you a hug and kiss your daddy. But first, I was given a letter. Your daddy explained to me that sometimes tragedies happen. He explained that he tried everything he could to save you. He held me while I wept. I cried that you were gone too soon. But Dude, you were loved.

Dude, the 9 days with you were amazing. We can't wait to see you one day and cross rainbow bridge.

We love you,
Daddy and Mommy
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