Dear Smokey
by Denise Grant
Dear Smokey, you where the first pet I ever had And I can't remember a time before you. Dear Smokey, you taught me so much.... you showed me love can be unconditional and made me see respect for all creatures goes deeper than just our need to poseess them. Dear Smokey, You where the best friend that I ever had You always where by my side with those golden eyes so trusting. Dear Smokey, I could not stand to see you go, I wanted you to stay for my own selfish reasons...... but I realized that you needed peace.... and that anytime you chose to leave, could not have been a good time. Dear Smokey, I miss you terribly, I'd give anything to see you in your sunny spot.... but I know we will see each other again and until I see that furry face in my heart you live until then.
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