The Visitor ~ Snickers the Cat
by Gloria Childers.........................................

A little man stopped by one day.
He said he had no plans to stay.
A hefty lad he was indeed.
He spoke in a tone that was quite loud,
which meant to me he was quite proud.
He'd fallen on hard times, it seems.
He was asking for handouts, if you please.
One can. two cans, three cans, four.
5 cans of cat food - he could hold no more.
Finally full, he took a rest.
Never, ever had he been so full.
Then sadly it seems, it was time to go.
Where he went, I do not know.
I watched him come and go each day.
West, north and east he went.
I never did know just WHERE he went.
He had girls to find and scores to settle.
He returned, in the days to follow,
and waited by the door till I came out.
Then, one day, he returned no more.
Six days I looked for him outside my door,
and sadly, he was not there no more.
I worried and fretted each day as
to why my new friend had gone away.
I looked and called each day for him, but for
unknown reasons he stayed away.
How Happy I was when he returned that day.
A long six days he had been away.
A injury above his left eye, cut , bloody and swollen,
I wanted to cry.
No questions asked, a good meal was on the top of his list.
And so it went, in the days to come, a meal, a bath and
a nice long nap.
As I sat and watched him sleep, how thin he had now become.
I spoke to a friend I had met, about all this and that.
I spoke about Snickers, the very nice cat.
"You must cage him" he said, and "then he must go see a VET".
So that's what I did, the very next day.
Snickers was not happy with me that day.
He was found to have FIV and needed a fix,
and a bladder infection that I could not fix.
So at the Vet ,he had to stay, at least for 10 very long days.
When he is recovered, he must find a home, no longer to roam.
A real roof over his head, and a nice clean and comfortable bed.
So at the Vet he did stay, until the day he went away.
Snickers does not know how lucky he is,
but he now lives in a house on a hill.
I will miss him you know, the cat I named
Snickers who came asking for help
from the stresses of life on the street.
Snickers will now have a good safe life.
No more danger and no more strife.
This could have never been, were it not for two special friends.
A special family who thinks like me.
The creatures who share the world with me,
are just as important as you and me.
Snickers too, will thank you one day, when he realizes
he no longer needs to stray.
Snickers, I will always remember you and how you enjoyed your meals,
and your little bath and after your bath, you took a long nap.
I always worried as I saw leave. and prayed you would come back to me.
You now have a very nice home, and through the door, you may also roam.
You will always be safe in your bran new home.
One day, Sweet Snickers, we will meet again.
We will meet at a place called the Rainbow Bridge Gate
and there are many people we will greet. 
All of our families will meet up there and never
again will we have to leave.
I do not know when that time will be,
but Master Thomas and all of our friends will again be together .
Thank you Sweet Snickers for coming to me.
I must tell you Shadow also misses you.
All I can say is WHO KNEW she would still be looking for you.
Stay well Snickers and remember me and all the days that used to be.
I will remember you sitting quietly, you and me, by the little bush by the Old Oak Tree.

For Snickers ~ July, 21, 2012 ~ By: Gloria Jean Childers

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