The Little Black Kitten
by Gloria Childers.........................................

I saw them earlier. A young girl and boy 14 t- 15 perhaps. They have been going in folks yards the past few days. No doubt fluttering and teasing each other on the way home from school. Then I saw the man across the street come out of his house to check the mail. Of course the mail had not come as the flag was still up. Then I saw the kids in the yard next door. The girl picked up an ear of dry corn (my neighbor had gotten for the squirrels). She was about to throw it, but I told her it did not belong to her and it was for the squirrels. "Yuck" she said and threw it down and she and her boy friend walked off down the street. About two hours latter there was a knock at the door. David, my son, went to answer the door. I too went to see what it was all about. The lady was the wife of the man across the street. She was crying. She said they had just watched religious movie and it had made her very sad. She said there was a kitten in the culvert street drain. Her husband had seen it when he went to check the mail 2 hours ago. I guess he left it to his wife to resolve the situation. She also said they would bury it but did not have a shovel. ( I have dug a hole with a spoon to bury wild animals.) I picked up the kitten. It was solid black and perhaps five months old. It seemed plump and a pretty kitty. I did not look to see if it was a boy or girl. I picked up the kitty and brought it to my house. I asked David to get me a towel. My intention was to put Kitty in a box and bury it. As I wrapped the kitty, I thought, how sad is this. It had not been dead to long. It was cold, but the bugs had not found it yet. I went inside and got a brand new mouse toy. My young cats just love these little mice. I placed the mouse near kitty's front feet, then re-wrapped kitty in the bath towel. Then I went to the back yard and started to dig a hole. It was hard going and almost dark. I then realized I could not dig a big enough hole to bury the box- so I settled for just burying kitty in the towels. A beautiful little solid black cat. Again, this street is a dumping ground for unwanted animals. I had not seen this kitten before. There is a full grown black and white cat about and also a tail-less full grown gray cat about. So, as darkness came, I was done. The kitty, buried where the dogs can not dig it up. I got a little porcelain angle from the front yard and placed it on top of the mound of fresh turned soil. Another life, cut short for what ever reason. How did it get into the street drain? Am I the only person who cares for these animals? I am sorry this kitty died. I wish I knew how and why it died. I am sorry little Black Cat. You will be remembered and missed. I am sorry I did not have a chance to save you.

Gloria Jean Childers ~ January 24th, 2011

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