For My Friend, Four Eyes
by Gloria Childers.........................................
For My Friend, Four Eyes

April 3,2000
Dear Sir,
You trusted me today. YOU FINALLY TRUSTED ME. I betrayed you.
Totally and with forethought, I betrayed you.
The story starts in 1998. You came to my home looking for a handout.
What a handsome Man you were. You were plump with a very regal appearance
about you. A large head with greenish yellow eyes. You were mostly white,
but you had two large black spots, one over each eye. You were given an
American Indian name. Four Eyes.
You were always very patient. You always waited till others had eaten
before you ate. Thus began your stay here. At first you were not seen often. As
time went on, you left less often. You stayed on the porch until 5 p.m.. If you
had not eaten by then, it would be to late. You were gone. About six months
ago you were seen more often, except around 5 p.m.. Where you went will
always be a mystery.
About 3 weeks ago, your home was finally here. No more did you leave,
even at 5 p.m.. I could finally pet you. I did notice you had lost a lot of weight. No
longer did you have a beautiful coat. It was dull and dirty. You now even rubbed
against me.
A week ago I noticed you was sleeping on the mat outside the front door.
You would sit and watch us inside the house. I came a sat with you a few times.
You seemed to know you were really home and seemed to know I really did like
you. Last night I noticed your left cheek was so swollen. It was hard and appeared
to have some scratches on it. You had even pulled out some of your hair to try and
stop the pain of swelling. I got out a large pet carrier, brought out some of your
favorite cat food and placed it far back in the carrier. You finally trusted me and
walked into the carrier and ate all of your food. I thought "tomorrow I will take him
to the doctor". Before I went to bed I sat with you quietly outside. We did not speak,
but you seemed to enjoy the company.
This morning you trusted me and went into the carrier. I shut the door.
Sir, you never said a word. Apparently the abscess was so large and painful,
you broke it open during the night. Your left cheek, no longer swollen, was now
pink from the draining abscess and blood. I took you to the vet. It was suggested
you be checked for aids and leukemia. As I waited you never said a word. The only
time you spoke was when you were being held down to have the blood drawn. The
results were horrible. You have aids and leukemia and the horrible abscess
that could turn into a systemic infection. The abscess would take a long time to
heal due to your compromised immune system. This will have only one end. A slow
death. You were put back in your cage. You looked at me with questioning eyes. I
signed your death sentence. I left, never to see you again. You are now over the
Rainbow Bridge. Please Sir, when I come over the Bridge, do not feel badly toward
me. What I did was because I loved you. Aids and leukemia is a slow and painful
death. I wanted to spare you the suffering and the pain. I also knew you would
never again trust me and you would have required many vet visits. I am so sorry Sir.
I will never forget the fact that you finally " TRUSTED ME".
Please Forgive me Sir. I will miss you.
Your Friend, Gloria
Age unknown - April 3, 2000
(December 29, 1998)

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