Finally Home
by Gloria Childers.........................................
Finally Home

Dear Mr. Bones.
I found you this morning, by the front door, near your food dish. You had passed away quietly during the
night. Shadow, Mama, Whiskers and McGregor kept their distance in respect of your passing.
You came to my house about two months ago, thin and tried. Behind each ear was a huge bleeding raw
patch. One could feel every bone in your thin frame. You did let me pet you and scratch your head. I
tried to think of a name for you, but no name came to me then. Then one morning about a month later
your name came to me- Mr. Bones.

You were not really a very friendly fellow, though you did continue to let me pet you. Then I discovered
you had a particular taste for some tuna canned cat food. After a couple of days, I put a plate of this food
in a cat carrier and you were off to the vet. You stayed there for 4 days. The first test
was to see if you had aids or leukemia. Both tests were negative to my relief, and I thought you had a
very good chance to survive. You were nutered and had all of your shots. You were small for a male cat,
but had a very broad face. You had green eyes. In your right eye there was a small brown marking, that
was a very distinguishing mark.
When you got home from the vet, I wanted to make you an inside cat. You found the food and the water
dish and the litter pan. That night you found a spot to sleep. All was well. At night though, you were very
unhappy. You wanted to go out. Finally , after five nights of crying- at 5 am on a Sunday morning you
won. I opened the front door and out you went. I did not think I would see you again. A day or two latter,
you were at the front door asking to come in. You would wait outside till someone came in or out and in-
or out you came. When you came in- you would go to the table, observe who was there for a bit and
then jump up and eat or drink. When you were done, you would retire to a new or old location for a nap.
If someone was near you and their hand was close, you would stand up to make sure your head touched
a hand- for a good head petting. You had already let the other cats and Jake the dog know you were the
boss. Your ear sores were completely healed and you had begun to gain weight. I was never able to put
the ear medicine in your ear the doctor gave me. You had even bite me once, but I just learned to not
make you mad.

The afternoon of the 23 of May you came to my bed and
climbed up on my hip and was planning to nap there. I suggested we may both be more comfortable if
you slept on the bed. You took the suggestion nicely. I fed all the others and you about 4 PM, but that
evening you wanted just a bit more, so about 9pm I gave you and the other outside cats one more
feeding. You also wanted to go out. That was the last time I
saw you alive.

When I stepped outside the next morning, you were by your bowl.
Cats like to run away to die alone, but not you.
I think you had been on the run all of your short life.
You had found a home, and people that cared.

You have a special place thats just yours and no one will hurt you
or neglect you ever again and I think you know-

Mr. Bones you are finally home.

May 24,2004

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