"CALICO" ?1978 - 1998
by Gloria Childers.........................................
?1978 - 1998
You left just as came, unseen.
The time between was twenty years.
You were always a loner.
Perhaps it would have been better if the
doctor had taken your life.
You left without a trace. You left your
bowl and warm bed.
You were grown when you arrived.
There were three boys, their Grandmother
and myself living here then.
The boys and their Grandmother are
gone, and now you are also gone.
The doctor said "its time. She is old
and now suffering from cancer.
She has had a long life. She had a bb
shot and a pellet shot under her coat that has
been there a long time." I know not from where
they came.
I promised to keep her comfortable.
Last night was the first time she refused her
food and water. It was time. I did not sleep
well knowing what I must do at first light.
When I went to check on Calico, she was gone.
Left without a trace. She could not have gone far.
Her joints were stiff and her eyes were bad.
Have I done a grave injustice?
Sometime back, I heard such a story from a friend
the yard in the many years she lived with them.
Calico has not been out of our yard for a couple
of years. I know she will not be back.
I will never see her again.
Gone is the cat my Mother loved. She was a house
cat for many years. Then she was given a cat condo
outside the front door. The outside tap was left
running, at her request, as she loved cool fresh
Her home is dismantled, the water turned off.
I am so glad I told her goodnight.
I am just sorry I did not tell her good bye.
Where did she go?
Did the Angel of Death take Calico to a better home?
I will never know. I do know Calico is gone.
She left as she came, alone and unseen.
I will miss her very much.
Good-bye my friend.
You will always be a special part of my
Easter memories.

April 13, 1998 By: Gloria Jean Childers

Even though spring had arrived, Calico knew her
winter had come.
Winter- A time to rest and a time to sleep.
A time to ready one's self for the spring that will
surely come. A spring of newness and renewal
on the other side of RAINBOW BRIDGE.
to the Memorial.

You are not forgotten Calico. Posted February 19,2013

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