I had a Dream
by Ginny Brancato


I had a dream of Rainbow Bridge
and walked among our friends
all pain and sickness they once knew
had finally come to end.

I didn't have to look too long
I saw her run to me
My Baby girl I've missed you so
Now, running wild and free.

I reach down to pick you up
Your fur soft as can be
I gave you kisses and what do you do
You always headbutt me.

I'm with Babygirl, my heart is whole
the emptiness now fled
no more tears and loneliness
Joy fills my heart instead.

Oh, look Ochi see how he runs
And jumps up at my knee
Fifi circles around my legs
as she looks up at me.

Oh, please just one more kiss and hug
Before I have to wake
and leave you all at Rainbow Bridge
for a world where hearts still ache.

No more goodbyes, there's no such word
When we meet at Heavens door
and I shall stay at Rainbow Bridge

and walk with you all once more.  

Ginny Brancato
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