I Believe ..this New Year's Eve
by Ginny Brancato

I Believe this New Years Eve 

Gone is November,
recalling our happy days of December.

Remembering our first New Years Eve. 
A time when it was just you and me.

Snow falling
cozy as can be,
as we sat around our first Christmas tree.

Outside, winds blowing through the pines.
Never have the stars shined brighter than that night

Counting each flake as they fell.
Getting lost in the magic of it all.

Watching the ornaments,
and reflective lights.

The glow of the candles burned through out the night.

Your eyes filled with joy and wonder. Those paws..
Running back and forth, loud as thunder.

I had given you your Christmas toys wrapped in a box,

I was so unaware the ticking clock..

And there you were those months and days

Always at play,
The memories they will last forever and a day

I still find myself falling into that memorable trance.
So happy as I watched you through the years..do that special happy dance. ..
A little heart so happy, your tail
going round and round.

Your sweet melody was the greatest sound.

A moment that plays back so loud now. How was I to know you were soon homebound..

You were my gift who now lives in me. My gift who loved me unconditionally 

Now you are every breath within my thoughts.Day and night my remorse without sight.

 Wild visions of you sleeping,
deep inside a hole in my heart. 

Can’t believe it's been so long.
So hard to accept we are physically apart.

How can this be..The world continues to turn,the days go on like nothing's changed
and I watch your candle quietly burn.

I touch your blanket it warms my face,
as I sit in front of the fireplace. 

Crackling burning embers.
Embracing a love I will always remember.

Your stocking hangs with care, I will put it up this year..
and imagine your little furry body right here.

But though we’re separated by space and distance you feel 
so close each time I listen...

Little signs.. noises..I hear them. I see. Thank you my baby for visiting me!

There is no price on what we held until gone.

A constant reminder in every New Years song.

A memory that plays like a dream,
as your image reflects in each light beam.
 your shadow lives on in every room
 Your spirit will never leave..and as another year comes around.. I believe..

Forever in my heart your image is all i can see..And as I wait for the chimes and countdown to start

Hoping you visit me this New Years Eve

I believe..

Your perfect eyes are all I wait to see

The spiritual unity of you and me.

As you visit me this New Years Eve..

I Believe..

This New Years Eve

Ginny Brancato


Dedicated to Norman who had the most beautiful eyes..you knew there was a God who created him.

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