The Outlaw Jesse James
by Gia
Today, The Outlaw Jesse James, passed on. During the card ride to the vet I drifted back and fourth over his many antics. How he fit in the palm of my hand, the white and orange ( more brown) domestic kitty. The only true companion I had for a very long time, 18 human years.

Tears wet my face, as he placed his head in the crook of my arm for protection. We have been through a lot. The worry and concern filled my head, memories really about when we found out he had cancer, with the lump on his leg growing larger, the fact that he may not make it through the operation because of his heart murmur. Then shortly after we decided to make him comfortable and forgo the operation, we discovered he had diabetes, we speared no expense to help our furry son.

All the mischievous things he did and all the messes that was so Outlaw, but I could never be angry with him, he was gotten for me, hand picked, even though I was allergic I kept him anyway, he had filled my heart from day one and will never be replaced for me.

I love and miss him already but I know I did the right thing, I did what needed to be done to release him from the pain. My heart is broken and the tears wont stopped but my boy is at peace. After all the love he gave to me, he deserves nothing less. I love you Jesse James and Momma will always have you in my heart now rest my love.
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