Rainbow's End
by George Anderson
Rainbows' End

Goodbye dear friend you've set me free
From any pain and misery
Of aching joints and failing heart
I know it's time for us to part
You made that choice to let me go
My time has come, this I know
Long and hard you fought, you tried
Oh dear friend I know you've cried
There are some fights that can't be fought
Old age is one, youth can't be bought
No pills, no cures, for passing years
Our eyes do dim, as do our ears
No magic wand can e'er bring back
That precious thing we both do lack
The will to live, to stand and fight
There is no wrong; there is no right
In meadows green I will run
To you, I know I was a son
A dog I was, not a child
Now I'm free, I can run wild
That bond between us will always stay
Even though I'm far away
'Til day is done for you I'll wait
Just outside of heavens gate
My guide has come to lead me home
Where in green fields I'm free to roam
My aches have gone, my ills they mend
In that place called Rainbows' End
Copyright © George Anderson 1999 All rights reserved

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