No one yells when mommy's on stage
by Gail Hand
I was speaking at a college that started with a B, but on purpose I’m not going to remember the name. The students were unruly in a small auditorium even with a microphone there wasn’t much I could do to get them to calm down because they really did not want to be there because I was talking about my book and ideas for smart social networking, and they didn’t want to hear about it.
Immediately the athletic Director walks up, grabs my microphone and starts screaming at them and threatening them with extra laps, extra work, and some college form of detention etc. You could hear a pin drop after he screamed at them.
At this point my dogs are in the audience with the students listening to this. I really didn’t want to get the microphone back at this point but of course I was paid to come and speak to these students and try to educate them. Then it happened again about 15 minutes later, and the athletic Director just screamed, did you hear me!
The rest of the program was fine, and several of the students came up and apologized for the poorly behaved students. They thanked me because they learned something to help them clean up their social
Media and when I walked over to the athletic Director, who was happy with the material, I was given back my dogs by a student. I put them down on leashes.
Zippy walked up to the feet of the athletic Director and peed right in front of him. I wanted to laugh out loud but I was horrified because he looked at me and said …Is she doing what I think she’s doing ?
and I grabbed her and ran outside, laughing for years afterwards.
She never liked people yelling
especially when mommy was on stage. Rotflmao
Good dog Zippy
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