You were more than a pet to me....your loyal companionship made you a very special part of my family
I will miss your physical presence, hearing you run happily about...BUT even more I will miss your morning hugs, feeling your head upon my heart...
But knowing the love we shared these memories will NEVER depart.
You entered this world July 9, 2002 in Spring Valley, Illinois and at the age of 9 weeks you entered my heart...
We traveled many miles together and were rarely apart...and the few times we patiently awaited my made our happy reunions tug at the heart!!
You were special in many ways waking me from the terrors of the night...going back to sleep when you were sure I was alright...
Your heart was big and you shared it with all..watching over Nancy became a job you did with love and when she was well enough to go home...something in your eyes told me you were ready to do the same.
September 12, 2016 with my heart breaking into a million pieces...but surrounded by 2 special ladies who loved you as much as I...I held you gently in my arms and with Joan & Briana at my side said good-bye...
A day hasn't gone by since you took the Rainbow bridge that I don't think of you and shed a few tears...
I miss you so much...but am so grateful we had a wonderful life together that lasted 14 years.
RIP my faithful friend
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